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could this service benefit your business?

Many large organisations require a significant need for hospitality of one type or another. This would generally fall into the following categories:

  • Official corporate hospitality at a sporting or cultural event
  • Function around an event, concert, show etc
  • A generic or specific client function
  • Hospitality opportunity through sponsoring of an event(s)
  • Internal staff function/ party

Corporate hospitality is rightly regarded as am important tool for growing and driving business through relationship marketing.

Many organisations invest significantly in corporate hospitality each year, but with some, the investment is neither carefully planned to cover annualised requirements and budgets, nor is there accountability.

Hospitality Solutions, through our Hospitality Consultancy service, will understand your organisation’s needs, and will develop a tailored hospitality programme to meet your brief and budget, whilst providing complete transparency and installing procedures for measurement and accountability.

If your organisation spends in excess of $100,000 each year on “hospitality”, this service could well be worth consideration!

For additional detail, refer “hospitality management and consultancy service presentation” above or simply give Ian Fraser a call to discuss whether this service could be of benefit to your organisation – the initial consultation will cost you nothing!

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