Event & Function Management Consultancy Package

Event Management Consultancy

Most medium to large sized organisations have a need to organise and host some functions and use event managment services. The function organisation and event management could, for example, be sourced in house using marketing or PA staff? Alternatively, the company could have its own event management staff.
If you use in house resource, this very cost effective offer could be of real benefit as it is so important that any function or event under your company brand is totally professionally organised and delivered.

Quick Q&A Checklist

  • Does your organisation organise and hold functions?
  • Is the function/ event management expertise provided in house?
  • Would your organisation like to guarantee professional planning, organisation and delivery of these functions?
  • Would you see benefit in spending $50,000 plus on engaging an event manager?
  • Alternatively, would you see benefit in a one off investment of $15,000 which provides both hands on event management expertise for twelve months, plus in house training of staff and a go-forward template so that your own staff can successfully and professionally organise and deliver events in the future in house and without the need to spend $50,000 pa?

What's included

  • Full detailed evaluation of your organisation's current function and event management requirements
  • Noting of  likely/ possible requirements in upcoming twelve month timeframe
  • Compilation of  tailor made fully functional and deliverable in house model/ template with systems for event management for your organisation
  • Hands on full assistance for three upcoming  functions including:
  1. Total planning, organisation in conjunction with your staff
  2. Sourcing of and appointing suppliers
  3. On site delivery of each function
  4. Full debrief process with your staff
  • Overseeing and assistance with planning/ organisations of all functions over 12 month period
  • Evaluating and implementing a brand presentation plan for your organisation
  • Evaluating current function suppliers and compiling list of suitable preferred suppliers to  cater for all function requirements
  • Training of all staff likely to be involved with organisation of functions/ event management - this will include going through all twelve articles in my e-book, "Event management, function organisation and corporate hospitality - a definitive guide"
Invest just one off $15K to guarantee ongoing totally professional events
Don't waste $50K pa
Contact me for a complimentary assessment and evaluation. 

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