Stress Free Events - Essential tips - 10 power packed chapters

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Ten Chapters of essential tips for stress free events

  1. Guarantee successful catering at your function
  2. Event management – the 10 essential skills
  3. Avoid function cockups
  4. Ensure you are organised for your event
  5. How to wow your guests and  avoid stress & pitfalls at your function
  6. How you can maximise sponsorship through hospitality.
  7. A quality catering experience – do you really know how to guarantee this?
  8. Essential event planning tips
  9. Can you really afford to organise your next major function?
  10. Can you risk not having a professional organise your next major event?
Readers Comments:
Joe Consedine – New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
“As someone who works in the sponsorship market, I have found some of the articles in this e-book very useful especially the article about maximising sponsorship through hospitality. I would strongly recommend that companies involved with sponsorship take
on board the recommendations in this article”

John Culpitt – Plan It Events
“Having worked with Ian on numerous hospitality events and projects, I know how much experience and knowledge he has gained over many years, and speaking as someone in the event business, this e-book is packed full of very useful advice and tips”

Peter Stark – Montana Catering 
“Ian’s e-book contains so much information and advice about functions and events – it should be an essential reference for any company that holds large functions”
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