Hospitality consultancy is a specialty of Ian Fraser,  with over thirty years of experience working in the catering, corporate hospitality and event management industries. Ian and members of his team have been asked to assist various organisations over recent years in a hospitality consultancy role – these have included:

  • KPI/Performance – Evaluation of organisation’s performance through agreed process and  suggestions for improvement
  • Catering tender process/ applicationsEvaluating an opportunity and assisting with a tender application
  • Corporate hospitality – Recommending “best practice” hospitality model for a venue or sporting association (refer to corporate hospitality for details)
  • Competitor analysis – Snapshots on selected industry players
  • Official appointments – Assisting in the tender process in making appointments, evaluating options etc
  • Commercial hospitality opportunities around major events – Assisting stakeholders in evaluating commercial viability/ putting together commercial hospitality model
  • Maximising sponsorship investment through the use of hospitality - hospitality is a proven, critical tool in ensuring that a sponsorship investment is fully realised. Refer- how to maximise sponsorship through hospitality
Slideshow presentation of how hospitality consultancy can help you get the most out of your event
  • Hospitality management and consultancy service - does your organisation use hospitality and have a number of functions during a year? We can assist you in sourcing, brokering and managing all your hospitality requirements/ budget to ensure that you get full value from your investment. Refer hospitality management and consultancy service presentation

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