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Sponsorship Template

How to Maximise Sponsorship through Hospitality

Accessing a sponsorship template will significantly assist an organisation in maximising its sponsorship investment.

In New Zealand, organisations which sponsor major sports or events generally do not appreciate the opportunities and options to maximise their sponsorship investments especially through the use of hospitality.

Globally, corporate hospitality is almost always present whenever there is a major sponsorship, regardless of the nature of that event or property. Hospitality is one of the key tools in activating and maximising the value of sponsorship investments. Given the dominant position that sport occupies in sponsorship, most corporate hospitality is connected with sport.

This sponsorship template was written to help you get the most out of your sponsorship.

Hospitality has become increasingly important especially as the cost of customer acquisition has soared – it now costs around four or five times as much to acquire a new client as it does to keeping an existing one.

Face-to-face entertainment and hospitality plays a vital role in both developing and sustaining customer and employee relationships.

In New Zealand, whilst undoubtedly corporate hospitality is relatively widely used, especially for rugby test matches, most organisations do not fully appreciate the value of hospitality and particularly when used in association with the sponsorship of a sporting or cultural event(s).

Official corporate hospitality is indeed one option to sponsors if it is available for the sports or events that they sponsor.

There are other options available to sponsors which should be more affordable especially as sponsors should have a supply of event tickets or certainly have access to them.

Hospitality Solutions has worked with organisations and sporting bodies, using a proven, successful model, to create bespoke, exclusive functions for customers, guests and VIP’s which are cost efficient, seamless and very professionally organised and managed.

The model has the following key components and features:

  • Enables sponsors to maximise their sponsorship through hospitality
  • Provides exclusive hospitality functions for the sponsor – no sharing the function with others, thus enabling total sponsor theming and branding.
  • Is cost efficient, seamless, with professional organisation, planning, management and delivery
  • Focuses on the key elements/ components of hospitality
  • Has experienced F&B professional to brief, negotiate and organise the very important catering requirements for all functions
  • Same dedicated Event Manager to manage most if not all the sponsor’s functions – takes responsibility for set up, delivery and pack down of all functions
  • Simple but effective and cost efficient theming concept highlighting branding, logos and sponsor colours. “Dry hired” components to keep costs down.
  • Takes all the responsibility, time, resource and “stress” away from the sponsor
  • Looks after all the hospitality supplier invoices and payments
  • Is viable financially for functions of 50+ guests over a number of functions eg six functions of sixty
  • Full Debrief at conclusion of functions together with detailed function costing

Some organisations will already be organising functions for their customers around events that they sponsor, either in-house or using an event manager.

Based on the features of the Hospitality Solutions proven and successful model, we would recommend at least a chat for any organisation with upcoming sponsorship opportunities  taking into consideration:

  • Professionalism including with catering
  • Seamless organisation and delivery
  • Cost effective
  • All responsibility including management of the financials taken by Hospitality Solutions

Let Hospitality Solutions enable your organisation to fully maximise its sponsorship investment through hospitality!

Having an initial consultation and evaluation will cost you nothing – it would be totally complimentary!

This article was written by
Ian Fraser of Hospitality Solutions Ltd

Ian Fraser has worked in corporate hospitality and
event management for over sixteen years. In this
time, he has organised over 800 functions and
events and project directed some very large
hospitality projects/ events.
In recent years, he has also been approached by
organisations to assist them in a consultancy role.


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