Multiple Function Organisation

Multiple Function Organisation

Most large organisations have a need at some stage to organise and host a multiple series of functions. These could, for example, be:

A product launch
Sponsorship of a sport or event
Sports event or game or concert (as the stakeholder owner eg New Zealand Cricket)
Internal announcement to staff
Membership drive, etc, etc

The functions could all take place in a week to ten days or be spread over three or more months. Either way, there are some key planning, organisational and management requirements to ensure that the functions are:

Professionally planned/ organised
Cost efficient
Same, consistent standards maintained
Optimal catering standards negotiated/ managed
Identical theming and branding components/ “look and feel” throughout

In summary the key is to ensure that a carefully compiled checklist is in place and that all checklist boxes are ticked off

I have assisted many organisations over the past ten or so years with their planning and delivery of “multiple” functions with the same common theme – on occasions there have been over fifteen such functions! This article and the checklist below should really assist you in this situation

Any function that an organisation holds should be regarded as really important with minimum standards especially around the catering and also the theming, especially the manner in which the organisation presents itself. If you haven’t already read it, click through to my article, “Event Management – presenting your organisation/ brand at a function you are holding” – this provides some simple, fundamental pointers and key requisites to ensure that a company has some basic branding and presentation at any function it hosts

When there are multiple functions with the same theme/ “raison d’ĂȘtre”, it becomes even more important to be well organised with particular emphasis on the creation and delivery of seamless, professional, consistent functions with ideally the same standards of catering at all the functions.

Useful Checklist

To assist you with your necessary planning and organisation, detailed below are some key checklist boxes which understandably are even more important with multiple function organisation:

Key Function Component

Required Detail/ Action


Venue – including

  • All venues suitable for the function sizes
  • All venues work for required theming/ branding
  • Check whether you need to bring in any function components ie not standard/ included with venue
  • Venue hire/ costs fit within overall budget

Caterers/ catering including

  • All caterers able to provide desired menu concept and within overall budget
  • All catering “requirements” included eg linen/ service/ ancillary costs etc
  • Menus – are you designing/ providing or the venue or the caterer?

Theming/ branding/ linen

  • Check all linen components included either by caterer or venue for all functions
  • If you are having linen or theming components brought in for your functions, ensure that it arrives well in time to be checked…and if necessary, in time for backup to be sent/ arrive in time!


  • Have you organised the same “mix” of entertainment for all the functions?
  • Green room arranged (if required)
  • With multiple functions it becomes even more important to make sure in your set up schedule that all the entertainers arrive in good time and have sufficient time to try out and adjust sound, lighting etc

Audio-visual/ lighting/ sound

  • Venue sound system suitable for your entertainment?
  • AV and lighting suitable and organised for all functions
  • Timeslot in place to check sound system at all functions

Final numbers for all the functions/ deadline

  • Ensure that you have diarised the agreed dates to advise final numbers to the caterers, linen/ theming suppliers and, if applicable, furniture suppliers

Promotional material for each function

  • If sending company promotional material to each function, ensure that it is booked to arrive well before each function and that you have arranged a contact person at each venue for the material to be sent to


  • As per above for promotional material

Transportation of all branding/ promotional material, gifts, props etc

  • Do you have a schedule/ bookings that ensures suitable early delivery of all the necessary function components
  • Have you ensured that there is sufficient lead time between functions for all these components to be shipped to the next function destination in time?

Set up/ Pack down

  • Have you checked exactly when you have access to each function venue? Very important not to make assumptions with this – I have done this once!
  • Have you allowed more than sufficient time for set up – when you are “on the road”, you need to allow additional time in case anything goes wrong or isn’t delivered on time and you need to order in additional or replacement components?
  • Do you need to check venue shut/ lock down times for both set up and pack down

Travel organisation/ requirements

  • If the functions are being staffed from “head office”, are all travel arrangements in place with sufficient time to allow for set up and pack down

Staff “uniform”/ dress

  • Because this is a series of functions, do you want to have a specially designed “uniform” for the staff involved? If yes, make sure they arrive early enough to make any necessary alterations


  • Is this required and has it been organised for all functions?

Resource consent/ permit requirements

  • If you are using temporary structures/ marquees, check that you have the necessary consents and permits (they do vary)


  • There will of course be a project budget - make sure that the costs for all functions are in line with the project budget
  • Note any budget variations/ adjust project budget as required

Of course this is a generic check list, and you may not need all the checks – on the other hand you will no doubt need to add/ customise the list to ensure that you have all the necessary checks to cover your multiple functions. I know that I am almost “anal” with check lists but there is no such luxury of being over organised!

Good luck, make sure that you have the necessary planning and organisation to guarantee the required professional, quality and seamless delivery for all your functions and not just one!

I hope that this article and the checklist assists you – as a final thought, the other option is of course to engage the services of a professional event manager who has the necessary experience and expertise to organise your important series of functions


This article was written by
Ian Fraser of Hospitality Solutions Ltd

Ian Fraser has worked in corporate hospitality and event management for over sixteen years. In this time, he has organised over 800 functions and events and project directed some very large hospitality projects/ events.
In recent years, he has also been approached by
organisations to assist them in a consultancy role

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