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         Event Managers - updated 14 Aug 2012

Ten skills to look for when considering a good event manager

Event managers should always have these ten basic event management skills:

1. Listens carefully to the client and fully understands their needs/the brief

2. Event management experience - the client should be able to “sleep at night” in the knowledge that their event manager has all the necessary skills and experience to ensure that their function/ event will be successfully and professionally delivered on time and to budget!

3. Industry expertise and contacts - the client has vested their trust and confidence on the basis that the event manager has all the necessary and required knowledge or industry contacts and relationships to provide "all the right answers"!

4. Works within budget! - will compile a budget that is agreed upon with the client and then works within this budget

5. Organisation skills - so critical, this goes without saying!

6. Time management - naturally! Planning with a transparent schedule, re-planning if required, and delivering to the schedule

7. Passion - the passion to want not only to do the job and with a big smile and enthusiasm, but also to add value with creativity and excitement!

8. People skills - with client, client’s guests, staff and suppliers!

9. Communication - listening, sharing of ideas and articulating clearly

In summary, a good event manager should possess all these skills and qualities and use them all to professionally and seamlessly deliver your function or event, and, in the process, add significant value with their expertise.

This article was written by
Ian Fraser of Hospitality Solutions Ltd

Ian Fraser has worked in corporate hospitality and
event management for over sixteen years. In this
time, he has organised over 800 functions and
events and project directed some very large
hospitality projects/ events.
In recent years, he has also been approached by
organisations to assist them in a consultancy role.


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