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                     The Critical Importance Of - updated 13 August 2012

Event and function catering require both a good understanding of catering and also good planning and organisational skills - most people do not think sufficiently about or have the necessary “event catering experience” to guarantee that the catering at a function will be successful and result in a memorable function for them and their guests.

As we all know, successful catering is critical to the success of nearly all functions - getting the "right" caterer to look after your important function, and the briefing of that caterer are so important.

Below are some important pieces of advice for successful catering, which could be really valuable as you think about an upcoming, important function which you need to organise.

  • Quality, accurate catering is generally regarded as the most important component of a successful function/ event
  • A poor catering performance is the biggest  reason for dissatisfaction or disappointment with a function or an event eg All Blacks test match hospitality
  • Understanding the strengths and abilities of a prospective caterer is a very significant driver for a successful function
  • Choosing the best caterer for your particular function will greatly assist in the function being successful with catering that meets your expectations
  • Having a good understanding of current catering pricing (both food and beverage) helps greatly in ensuring that you pay a fair and reasonable price for your catering requirements and work within your budget
  • Accurate briefing of and negotiations with a caterer will likely result in a quality catering performance
  • Only experience of and professional understanding of “catering” will provide the necessary assurance regarding briefing and negotiations with a caterer
  • This experience will generally only be found with an experienced event manager or person who has significant experience or background in the food/ hospitality industry
  • This experience will significantly assist you and your guests in experiencing a memorable, rather than disappointing function

My strong recommendation when planning an upcoming major function or event is to at least consider using the services of an experienced event manager who has considerable experience with hospitality and catering.

This article was written by
Ian Fraser of Hospitality Solutions Ltd

Ian Fraser has worked in corporate hospitality and
event management for over sixteen years. In this
time, he has organised over 800 functions and
events and project directed some very large
hospitality projects/ events.
In recent years, he has also been approached by
organisations to assist them in a consultancy role.


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