Event management and corporate hospitality articles

planning an outdoor function - some guidelines and tips

So you have the opportunity or possibly even the "need" to hold a function outdoors. There are a number of reasons why you could be considering having an outdoor event, eg...... Wedding Special occasion to celebrate Corporate function Want an interesting venue to have a function Extension of space required from existing function building... > Read more

Function Organisation

Function Organisation There are so many considerations and possible components to think about when organising a function. Here are some that you should consider when next you have an important function... > Read more

Multiple Function Organisation

Multiple Function Organisation Most large organisations have a need at some stage to organise and host a multiple series of functions. These could, for example, be: • A product launch• Sponsorship of a sport or event• Sports event or game or concert (as the... > Read more

Outsourcing Event Management

Outsourcing event management  Especially in the current economic climate, many organisations are understandably looking to rationalise some of their in-house costs – event management can easily, professionally and successfully be outsourced, saving your organisation... > Read more

Host responsibilities at a function

Host responsibilities at a function This is certainly a major discussion topic at the moment. My interest, as such, is as a professional organiser and manager of various functions and hospitality, and also as a parent of teenagers – my wife and I have “hosted” parties... > Read more

Event Management

Event Management Presenting your organisation/ brand at a function you are holding It all seems too simple and obvious to me! At some cost, your organisation invites some clients/ guests to a function – you feed them and water them, you might even be providing some entertainment. On... > Read more

Corporate Hospitality Planning Checklist

Corporate Hospitality Planning Checklist Evaluation of and assistance in compiling a commercial corporate hospitality model I have worked with many sporting bodies, promoters and event stakeholders in putting together corporate hospitality packages which... > Read more

Event Managers

         Event Managers - updated 14 Aug 2012 Ten skills to look for when considering a good event manager Event managers should always have these ten basic event management skills: 1. Listens carefully to the client and fully... > Read more

Event catering - the critical importance of

Catering                      The Critical Importance Of - updated 13 August 2012 Event and function catering require both a good understanding of catering and also good planning and organisational skills - most people do not... > Read more

Corporate Catering Checklist

Corporate Catering Checklist Corporate catering has many variables - this checklist is designed to help you run a smooth corporate catering event.  Having initially been a caterer and then “jumped the fence” to event management and corporate hospitality,... > Read more

Sponsorship - how to maximise sponsorship through hospitality

Sponsorship Template How to Maximise Sponsorship through Hospitality Accessing a sponsorship template will significantly assist an organisation in maximising its... > Read more

Event Beverages planning

Event Planning   How much beverage do you need? Event planning for the  amount of beverages required is generally a dilemma for whoever is organising the function! How... > Read more

Bledisloe Cup History – Did You Know?

Bledisloe Cup was awarded almost eighty years ago in 1931 by  Charles Bathurst - the fourth Governor General of New Zealand and the 1st Viscount Bledisloe to be the symbol of clashes... > Read more

Bledisloe Cup Trivia

Bledisloe Cup Bledisloe Cup matches were once played irregularly every few years, now Bledisloe Cup matches happen annually, and include... > Read more

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