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Corporate Hospitality and event management have been Ian Frasers' passion for over 17 years- Ian has worked closely with sporting organisations, promoters and stadia in putting together corporate hospitality models that are saleable, meet market requirements and deliver necessary returns to the stakeholders.

Critical has been the experience in getting the mix right between stakeholder, suppliers and clients.800 plus functions is testimony to being able to create hospitality models and functions that have met required, exacting standards and market needs.

This experience has not been gained over a couple of years and a handful of functions!

Hospitality Solutions offers the following corporate hospitality solutions and opportunities to event rights holders:
  1. Conduct a thorough review of your requirements and your market
  2. Based on the commercial opportunity, recommend a hospitality model/ template that will maximise profit/ return. Includes recommendation on marketing and selling
  3. Organise, manage and deliver corporate hospitality for a rights holder such as a sporting association, venue/ stadium or concert promoter – includes appointment and management of all suppliers
  4. In addition to the above point 2, market and sell the hospitality with an agreed margin, profit share or fee

Our experience enables “best practice” models and optimal returns for the rights holder.


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